China Online Academy offers various courses which consist of sets of video lessons, each on average 15 minutes long.

We currently offer the followng online cources:

China Basics

In this course we introduce you to basic knowledge about the Chinese culture and way of working. You will learn invaluable lessons that help you comprehend the behaviour of your Chinese counterparts. You will also learn how to avoid many cultural faux pas.

Price for 12 months of access:

TBD (excl. VAT)

Travelling in China

Whether you visit China for business, as a student or as a tourist, you will be exposed to a world of different types of transport, telecommunication, payments and more. All of this can be quite overwhelming. This course helps you prepare for travel in China and it’s common challenges.

Price for 12 months of access:

TBD (excl. VAT)

Business Essentials

The Chinese do business differently than people in ‘the west’. Building personal relationships is more important than quicly signing a contract and the way these relationships are build also differs. Negotations are done differently and you will often communicate through interpreters.

This package includes the China Basics and Travelling in China course plus two extra courses on Business Essentials; a total of nearly 40 video lessons.

Pricefor 12 months of access:

TBD (excl. VAT)

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