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China is a new world power but we see a lac of knowledge and many misunderstandings about the country in the Western world. So it’s time for the China Online Academy!

China Online Academy is an initiative by four experts with close links to China, business and education. We have our roots in China and/or years of experience working in or with China. Combined we have over 60 years of experience with this new world power, knowledge we have been sharing through education, writing and consulting. We now share this knowledge even more broadly.

Marion Tjin-Tham-Sjin

Marion Tjin-Tham-Sjin (金玛丽安) (born 1973) is the daughter of a Chinese father and a Dutch mother. Her father’s death brought a period of reflection and more attention to her Chinese roots.

This fact, combined with her economic education, her years of experience as an export manager, her predilection for China and the fact that the Chinese economy is one of the fastest growing in Asia, made her decide to start her own business.

On July 1, 2006 Marion founded Splendid China. The company helps entrepreneurs to export their products and services to China. She now has offices in China and the Netherlands and lives and works in both countries.

In May 2018, Marion received the Wintrade global award for International Business Woman of the year 2018 in London.

Mei Yang

Mei Yang (杨梅) was born in China on the same day and in the same year as Marion. In 1996, after she finished her study in China, Mei moved to The Netherlands. She felt immediately at home and has enjoyed living and working with Dutch people. She has a lot of interest in intercultural communication, human connections, and the Learning & Development of people.

After working in the field of import, export, and project management for ten years, Mei started her company iibboo in 2006. With this company, Mei supports international companies and organizations to enhance intercultural collaboration by optimizing knowledge transfer.

She helps create cooperation frameworks to engage intercultural teams to work together, design learning and training programs to enable and empower the growth of people and businesses.

Ed Sander

Ed Sander (Ai De, 艾德) is a writer, public speaker and study tour guide.

Ed has a background in marketing and has worked for various multinational companies in various sectors. Ed is co-author of the award-winning book Event Driven Marketing (2004) and the international successor Follow That Customer! (2010) and former teacher at Beeckestijn Business School.

Ed worked as a marketing consultant for a number of Chinese non-profit organizations in Xi’an. He also acted as online marketing manager for Xi’an International Business Forum and guest-lectured at Shaanxi Normal University.

Since 2012 Ed has written hundreds of articles articles about digital innovation, technology and cultural differences between the Netherlands and China for various China-related media as well as his own website ChinaTalk.

Ed regularly lectures in higher education as well as seminars and he developed a series of study and inspiration tours for ChinaTalk.

Jessica Sun

Jessica Sun (Sun Hui, 孙慧) was born and raised in China, where she studied Linguistics at Xi’an University of Technology. After graduating, she worked as a tour operator and guide for foreign tourists for 5 years.

From 2008, Jessica worked as a study advisor at an international secondary school in Xi’an for 5 years.

In 2013 Jessica moved to The Netherlands and founded ChinaTalk. After mastering the Dutch language, she started working as a teacher of Chinese Language and Culture at various secondary schools.

Jessica obtained a Master in Asian Studies at Leiden University in 2020 and continued her studies with the teacher training course in Chinese Language and Culture at ICLON in Leiden. She obtained her second Master in 2021 and is now a formally certified first-degree teacher.

For the study and inspiration trips of ChinaTalk, Jessica is responsible for purchasing and communication with local agents in China.

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